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Our Auburn Massage Theray Studio

Trigger Point Therapy * Massage Cupping * Deep Tissue
for chronic pain and injury relief

Trigger Point Therapy is a remarkably effective protocol designed to eliminate pain and increase range of motion in the body by releasing adhesions in the soft tissues of the body. Most people have latent Trigger Points that may restrict range of motion, which the body often recognizes as pain or stiffness. These Trigger Points develop during accidents or from repetitive activities at work, sleep, or play. It is when Trigger Points become activated by a restless night sleep, a fender bender, or a slip on the ice that they create pain and stiffness.

Trigger Points often cause pain and stiffness in distal (distant) locations in the body, away from the actual adhesion site. For example, migraines and tension headaches are often caused by adhesions in the neck, back, and shoulders even though the symptom is felt in the form of a headache. Carpal tunnel-like symptoms may be caused by adhesions in the shoulder, neck or forearm. Low back pain may be caused by adhesions in the abdominal muscles along with muscles of the back, hips, and legs. Fibromyalgia is often a misdiagnosis when it is, instead, pain resulting from myofascial adhesions and dysfunction.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is designed to address these issues in an effective and efficient way using a simple and straightforward protocol:

-The first step is a thorough examination of perpetuating factors in one's environment that may be involved in causing adhesions or imbalance. These include daily activities, sleep patterns, possible structural anomalies, nutrition, and a wide variety of environmental factors that may be associated with the pain in question.

-Next, the  Trigger Point Therapist and client work together to release the adhesions within the soft tissues of the body using depth and pressure tailored to fit the comfort and needs of that patient.

-Finally, the Trigger Point Therapist trains the client in methods of self-care to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment program. This allows a client to address their pain at home when it may arise, eventually replacing the treatment from the therapist entirely.

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